Group Coaching

Transforming People into Teams

Group Coaching can be a powerful experience for people  that want to build a community of like minded power people.  The power of group coaching comes in the shared experience.  Similar to individual coaching, I will provide powerful strategies for employees to gain the tools they need to form an enlightened understanding of their own life and of the lives of their co-workers.  

Group coaching is not as intimate as individual coaching but the sessions can often times becoming even more transformational because participants have gone through a powerful experience together that leads to a better understanding of the goals they all wish to accomplish.  To be understood we must all aim to better understand.  Group coaching puts us in touch with the lives of our co-workers so that we can filter through any negative barriers and break through into positive, enriching talents that will take your team to the next level.  

I offer 6 week trainings that will last two hours.  I provide individuals with workbooks they can take with them as well as personalized assessment plans for both individuals and organizations.  

Give me a call today to discuss the greatest investments you can give to your organization, the investment in your employees.  

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